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Monday, Apr 2, 2018   
Award Winner
AK74  -=312th=- C-Bass (36 kills with ak47)
AKM  -=312th=- mayko_88 (7 kills with akm)
AKS74U  -=312th=- C-Bass (155 kills with aks74u)
ANM14  StoneCold (38 kills with anm14)
C4  -=312th=- QPSK (50 kills with c4)
F1  JAWS (2 kills with f1)
FAL  SoupSandwich (21 kills with fal)
GALIL  -=312th=- C-Bass (4 kills with galil)
GALIL SAR  -=312th=- QPSK (238 kills with galil sar)
GP25  -=312th=- C-Bass (26 kills with gp25)
L1A1  JAWS (83 kills with l1a1)
Longest Death Streak  -=312th=- Smooth Jazzman (3 deaths)
Longest Kill Streak  -=312th=- C-Bass (114 kills)
Longest Play Time  -=312th=- QPSK (01:53:13h hours)
M14  {Rogue}=AmosSten= (70 kills with m14)
M16A4  BARRI3 (125 kills with m16a4)
M1A1  Milk (4 kills with m1a1)
M203  -=312th=- C-Bass (18 kills with m203)
M249  JAWS (165 kills with m249)
M40A1  -=312th=- C-Bass (36 kills with m40a1)
M45  JAWS (20 kills with m45)
M4A1  rokit (75 kills with m4a1)
M590  Leonardthehero (5 kills with m590)
M67  -=312th=- C-Bass (20 kills with m67)
M9  Leonardthehero (28 kills with m9)
MAKAROV  -=312th=- C-Bass (56 kills with makarov)
MINI14  SoupSandwich (12 kills with mini14)
MK18  S54 (109 kills with mk18)
MODEL10  Milk (2 kills with model10)
MOLOTOV  -=312th=- C-Bass (3 kills with molotv)
Most Deaths  -=312th=- QPSK (17 deaths)
Most Improved Player  S54 (1,719 points gained)
Most Kills  -=312th=- C-Bass (533 kills)
Most Suicides  -=312th=- TDSM (1 suicides)
MP5  SOPMOD (20 kills with mp5)
RPG7  -=312th=- C-Bass (24 kills with rpg7)
RPK  -=312th=- C-Bass (29 kills with rpk)
SKS  SoupSandwich (9 kills with sks)
STERLING  SOPMOD (65 kills with sterling)
TOZ  -=312th=- mayko_88 (17 kills with toz)