Mar  April 2018
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Tuesday, Apr 3, 2018   
Award Winner
AK74  Melo (18 kills with ak47)
AKM  SovIeTs Hg (32 kills with akm)
AKS74U  Party Clot (91 kills with aks74u)
ANM14  Chris_eh! (26 kills with anm14)
AT4  SOPMOD (5 kills with at4)
C4  Chris_eh! (67 kills with c4)
FAL  SovIeTs Hg (37 kills with fal)
GALIL  SOPMOD (4 kills with galil)
GALIL SAR  SovIeTs Hg (93 kills with galil sar)
KABAR  SOPMOD (8 kills with kabar)
L1A1  Chris_eh! (26 kills with l1a1)
Longest Death Streak  SOPMOD (3 deaths)
Longest Kill Streak  -=312th=- mayko_88 (100 kills)
Longest Play Time  -=312th=- mayko_88 (03:19:53h hours)
M14  Melo (110 kills with m14)
M16A4  Party Clot (87 kills with m16a4)
M203  ashtonserotko (2 kills with m203)
M249  -=312th=- mayko_88 (215 kills with m249)
M40A1  -=312th=- mayko_88 (49 kills with m40a1)
M45  Wolfgang A. (28 kills with m45)
M4A1  Chris_eh! (292 kills with m4a1)
M590  SOPMOD (171 kills with m590)
M67  -=312th=- mayko_88 (37 kills with m67)
M9  -=312th=- mayko_88 (106 kills with m9)
MAKAROV  -=312th=- mayko_88 (51 kills with makarov)
MINI14  Ion <MMZ> (1 kills with mini14)
MK18  Melo (122 kills with mk18)
MODEL10  SOPMOD (35 kills with model10)
MOLOTOV  SOPMOD (4 kills with molotv)
MOSIN  SOPMOD (112 kills with mosin)
Most Deaths  SOPMOD (43 deaths)
Most Improved Player  Party Clot (3,911 points gained)
Most Kills  -=312th=- mayko_88 (757 kills)
Most Suicides  SovIeTs Hg (3 suicides)
MP5  SOPMOD (150 kills with mp5)
RPG7  SOPMOD (48 kills with rpg7)
RPK  -=312th=- mayko_88 (79 kills with rpk)
SKS  SOPMOD (6 kills with sks)
STERLING  Wolfgang A. (169 kills with sterling)
TOZ  -=312th=- mayko_88 (89 kills with toz)
UMP45  Wolfgang A. (33 kills with ump45)